About Us

Meet The Coaches

We are committed to making your fitness goals a reality. All classes from beginning to end are “Coached,” by our certified coaches. These classes are fun, challenging, and everything is performed with safety in mind. No matter your abilities our certified coaches can modify any movement to make you successful! We will help you achieve whatever your health and wellness goal is by constantly challenging you to achieve more. This is completed in a supportive, fun, and community type of environment where everyone wants you to achieve success!

Teea Nelson

Teea Nelson is a registered ultrasound technician working for both Baylor hospital and JPS. Teea is also an avid barrel racer who has earned her WPRA pro card in her first rodeo season. As an athlete Teea recognizes the need for functional movement because she never knows how exactly a horse might react.

Derek Nelson

Derek Nelson is a Practicing Doctor Of Chiropractic. This education in conjunction with the CrossFit methodology has given Derek an incredible knowledge of the Human body. His biggest concern is promoting health and wellness while avoiding injuries.

Tara Snyder

Tara grew up in Central Texas. She is the youngest of three siblings and grew up following in her sisters’ footsteps playing Tennis. She played throughout High School and at the Collegiate level. Tara started CrossFit in 2018 a year into her renewed fitness journey. She has competed in several CrossFit local competitions and has started competing in Olympic Weightlifting Competitions. 

Victoria Hauser

Tori grew up playing sports, her first love being volleyball. In college, she found rowing as a way to stay active and transferred to University of Texas at Austin her sophomore year to compete on their NCAA team. Due to her passion for sport and fitness she received her degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on health promotion.